Creating Retail Destinations

NAM is real estate investment management and development firm with a strong presence in Russia and the UAE through its offices in Moscow and Dubai. NAM combines long term investment and property market experience with key partner relationships that allow us to be effective in sourcing, financing and managing investment grade real estate assets.

NAM was founded in 2001 as a specialized developer of large format retail schemes. Since 2001 NAM has participated as developer in more than 410,000 m2 of retail schemes. A further 225,000m2 of retail assets is currently under management. NAM has partnered and co-invested alongside publicly listed real estate companies, international investment institutions and multi-lateral development banks.

In 2012 NAM has expanded its capabilities to include real estate investment and asset management as core competencies, with a focus on providing turn-key solutions for qualified investors / joint venture partners seeking real estate exposure in all sectors. NAM provides in-house expertise on origination, underwriting, structuring, financial engineering, debt financing, and asset / property management.

NAM has been particularly successful at identifying future investment trends in the property markets and has been able to effectively capitalize on them by adapting quickly and deploying our organizational skills and capital resources where they are best suited. Thus NAM has been a market leader at the forefront of the emerging investment-grade real estate market.

NAM’s achievements are largely due to the vision, dedication and professionalism of our management team. NAM’s management philosophy has been to keep the core team constant, employ and incentivize the best experts in specific areas of our business and always retain flexibility to adapt to market trends. These tenets set NAM apart in terms of track record and depth of investment experience.